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The 0 Wood (Zero Wood) is a gun of my own construction. As it's name implies, it was designed to shoot golf balls. The gun's design is very simple. The reservoir is 5' of 3" sch 80 PVC pipe with a few fittings thrown in to make it easier to handle. The valving is nothing more than a 2" Orbit sprinkler valve actuated by a 1" sprinkler valve that is in turn actuated by a standard blowgun. The barrel is 5' of 1.5" SDR 21 pipe sleaved into a 2" sch 80 nipple. Butt simple, no?

I consider the 0 Wood to be my single most impressive (to me, anyway) accomplishment. Not so much the gun itself, mind you. But rather, how well GGDT performed in aiding in the gun's performance. Before I cut so much as one piece of PVC, I used GGDT to model the gun to try to get a feel for the gun's performance via something other than trial and error. My goal was a gun that would shoot a golf ball 500 fps using 75 psi air (the limit of my cheapo air compressor). I took apart the valve (I had decided upon a valve, that much was set) and measured it's parameters. I made a guess as to the valve's efficiency (35% - a guesstimate based on the performance of similar valves in the 1" size), played around with the design a bit, and built it.

The results were astonishing even to me. GGDT predicted a muzzle velocity of 421 fps at 50 psi (to date, I've not exceeded 50 psi with the gun). On firing, the gun yielded 412 fps on the first shot and an average of 418 fps for the first three shots at 50 psi (all I've done so far). That's an error of only 3 fps - less than 1%!

Further analysis (to be discussed on this page when it is complete) ultimatately led me to degrade the valve's performance to 32.38%. This number is, however, subject to change as more data on the gun is obtained.

Just a couple pics to show the construction.
Note that the ball valve functions as a safety.

If you'd like the model I used, right click on it and save it as a file...


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