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Airburst Rocket

Most people are probably unfamiliar with Airburst Rockets. They're a cool little toy that I bought for my son and love just as much as he does. I include them here because the system is about as non-intuitive as could be for plugging into GGDT. After all, here's an air gun who's projectile is on the outside of it's barrel! And so, as a case study in how GGDT can be used to model a non-traditional design this page exists.

Unfortunately, I don't have any reliable data on Airburst Rockets. The only performance data I've seen to day is that which is published on the Airburst Rocket website (see pic). Is this data accurate? I have no idea. Certainly the folks over at Airburst Rockets have every motivation to take their "absolute best data" as such data will no doubt sell more toys (and they really are coooool toys!).

I bring all this up because to date I've not had good luck with GGDT modeling the system. I get about half the altitude that they advertise. One of these days I'll get out there and take some data myself because I really find it hard to believe that I'm THAT far off in this case when I've been so darn close in so many others! Still, I include this design to show two points: (1) That I'll show my failures; not just my successes. (2) How GGDT should be used to model systems that are off the beaten path (feel free to laugh at that one given my current success rate on this style of launcher).

In any event, I'm not gonna waste a lot of space showing poor results, so until I do get that independent data I'll just end it with a link to the GGDT data file I created for this system. Right click on it and save it as a file...


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