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The F4 Illustrator by ACI is an obsolete - but respected in it's day - paintball gun. It also happens to be the gun I shoot when I play.

I do not have shot by shot data for the F4. I do not need it. In the years I've owned my gun I've tweaked it pretty extensively and measured hundreds of shots for it. Suffice to say that in it's current configuration (which admittedly is a bit different than the stock configuration) my F4 shoots at approximately 280 fps.

Now, given that I'm setting a muzzle velocity somewhat by definition (using the Cv calculator), one must look at something besides muzzle velocity for data agreement. One bit of data would be the derrived valve coefficient of 29%. This is right in the ballpark for a valve that has all the twists and turns in it that a paintball hammer valve possesses.

I'm sure there are other details that could be examined, but to be brutally honest, I'm not in the mood for doing such analysis right now. Feel free to critique my laziness at your leisure.

If you'd like the model I used, right click on it and save it as a file...


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