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Fill Station

Not very many people can fire their pneumatic guns in their back yard. Most must travel to remote locations to do so. This of course brings up the question of air supply. What DO you use when you're in the middle of nowhere?

The most common solution is probably the el cheapo 12 VDC air compressor bought at Wal-Mart or similar stores for about $20. But such compressors can take a very long time to fill any sizable gun to anything that resembles usable pressures. Something better would be nice.

Bulk CO2 tanks are another solution. They provide a large quantity of high pressure air anywhere you carry them. And there's the rub. While they're portable in the sense that they require no power, they are often very heavy. VERY heavy. Once again, something better would be nice.

What I've found works very well is a paintball tank with a bit of fancy plumbing....

What you're looking at is a paintball tank with a low-pressure Palmer Stabilizer, an 8" piece of braided hose, a combination ball valve and pressure guage gizmo (courtesy of Home Depot), and an air chuck, of course. It weighs maybe 5 pounds and lasts for a bunch of shots. Very portable. Very nice.

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