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Orbit 2"
Sprinkler Valve

The Orbit Model 57027 is nothing more than your garden variety sprinkler valve on steroids. These valves are not particularly cheap, but they do provide flow that is roughly equivelent to four 1" sprinkler valves while maintaining the same basic design characteristics that make the smaller sprinkler valves so easy to modify for pneumatic operation.

Why do people modify sprinkler valves to pnuematic operation? Because such modifications dramatically improve the valve's performance in this application. Remember, sprinkler valves are not designed to open/close quickly. In fact, for sprinkler systems, opening quickly is bad as it can damage a sprinkler system. So if you want anything that resembles good performance from your sprinkler valve, you will modify it to pneumatic operation

Those who are unfamiliar with how to modify a sprinkler valve from electric operation to pneumatic need only visit this site or perhaps it's mirror. If after reading those instructions you still have questions, then they will no doubt be answered by the goons over at the Spudtech Forums (but unless you like being abused, I suggest you read that first page before you start buggin' the goons).

And now for a very slight change of subject in the name of full disclosure...

Unfortunately, the 57027 is not a piston valve. It is a chamber sealing diaphragm valve. This will lead to inaccuracies in GGDT's modeling of the valve, but these inaccuracies shouldn't be prohibitive.

With all that said, below is the list of input parameters that I feel best model the performance of the Model 57027.

Valve Type
Chamber Seal
# of Valves
Flow Coef
Seat Diam
1.8 in
Dead Vol
12 in^3
Piston Diam
2.7 in
Piston Mass
69 gm
Vent Diam
.375 in (1)
Pilot Vol
3.0 in^3 (2)
(1) Will vary depending upon exact modifications made. This value represents a 3/8" QEV.
(2) Will vary depending upon exact modifications made. This value represents a vent mounted directly to the valve body with no extra tubing/etc.

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