Hall Consulting's
Gas Gun Design Tool

Howdy, folks!

Some of you may remember that this page once held an Excel spreadsheet I wrote to simulate an air cannon. Alas, a number of folks had problems with this spreadsheet so I decided to write a stand-alone Windows application to perform the same task. The idea was to create an application that is reasonably simple to use but would give accurate results of pneumatic cannon performance. The user would enter design parameters into the computer, push a button, and voila!

I believe I have accomplished my goal (although as they say, software is never finished!), but somewhere along the way the simulation took on a life of it's own and now encompasses many more variables than the original spreadsheet ever dreamed of.

And now for a pathetic attempt at some legal mumbo jumbo....

GGDT is freeware and distribution of the unmodified program for educational and recreational purposes is unlimited. However, no warranty of any kind is stated or implied in any way shape or form. If GGDT yields inaccurate data and destroys every computer on your block, that's your problem, not mine.

PS: The spreadsheet no longer exists. Don't bother asking.

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