Hall Consulting's
Gas Gun Design Tool

Pulldown Menus

File -> Open
Opens a dialog box that allows one to open previously saved gun designs.

File -> Save
Immediately saves the current gun design to the same filename as last used in the File->Open or File->SaveAs dialog boxes.

File -> Save As
Opens a dialog box that allows one to save the current gun design under a new name.

File -> Print
Prints the main window to the default printer.

File -> Export Performance
Opens a dialog box that allows the user to save the current gun design's performance to a tab-delimited text file. This file can then (of course) be imported into other applications (ex: Excel) for further data processing. Note that this feature is not enabled until the current gun has been evaluated.

File -> Import V3.1 Design
Opens a dialog box that allows the user to import a gun design that originated with GGDT 3.1 or later.

File -> Restore Last Design
Immediately loads the last gun evaluated by GGDT (Yes, at times GGDT is making back up copies of your design (under the name "restore.gdt") even if you aren't saving your work.).

File -> Configuration
Opens the GGDT configuration dialog box. The configuration dialog box allows you to customize the unit system used by GGDT as well as change the level of valve model automation.

File -> Exit
Exits GGDT.

Edit -> Cut
Do I really need to explain this one?

Edit -> Copy

Edit -> Paste
You gotta me kidding me!

Tools -> Gun Scaler
Opens the GGDT gun scaling tool. The gun scaling tool allows the user a simple way to scale any or all gun parameters up or down.

Tools -> Cv/Kv/Efficiency Calculator
Opens the GGDT valve flow coefficient tool. Given data obtained from a finished gun, the flow calculator iterates to find appropriate flow coefficients to match the data. Note that the coefficient will be displayed as Cv, Kv, or efficiency as appropriate to the values set in the configuration dialog.

Tools -> External Ballistics Calculator
Opens the GGDT external ballistics tool. Given a muzzle velocity and projectile data, the ballistics tool performs a very simple analysis of the projectile's anticipated flight.

Opens a small window giving version information and the link to this website. Duh!

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