Latke L1 Vs. HGDT

For those not aware, the Burnt Latke webpage is the standard by which combustion spud gun simulation methodologies are tested. This webpage documents one man's investigations into combustion spud guns with a particular emphasis on the effects that barrel length has on performance.

While details of the Latke tests are available on the website, they are not complete. Notably absent are projectile masses and chamber fan usage (At the time of the Latke tests the performance improvements realized by running a chamber fan during firing were not widely recognized. At the time, chamber fans were primarily used to evacuate post-combustion gases and mix pre-combustion gases. Whether or not the fans were used during firing for the Latke L1 tests is unclear.). In any event, where data was unavailable I made a reasonable estimate and proceeded with my fingers crossed.

Overall, I am pleased with the results shown below. They aren't as good as I'd like, but they aren't bad either.

HGDT file for above scenario

HGDT file for above scenario

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