HGDT Installation

First Time Download for v0.5

There's really not much to it. HGDT and it's support files are packaged up in a zip file.

  1. Download the HGDT archive by clicking here and extracting everything in the same directory structure you see in the zip file. (Note: Zip file size is approximately 600kb).
  2. If you speak any language other than English (and have translated this page somehow), it will be of interest for you to look in the "Languages" directory. If you see a language you like, copy the files from the language directory in question to the main Languages directory. If you don't see a prefered language, feel free to create a language pack (Current language packs: English only).
  3. That's it! Double click on the executable file.

Updated v0.5 Executable

If you've already got v0.5 installed (with language packs that are acceptable to you) and all you want to do is update your executable to the latest revision, you can download the latest executable by clicking here.

Note: If you came here via a direct link from somewhere else, odds are you'll want to click here.