Hall Consulting's
Hybrid Gun Design Tool

Howdy, folks!

Some of you may remember be familiar with GGDT (my pneumatic gun simulation). Fate, it would seem, was not happy with me modeling mere pneumatic guns. Fate decreed that I should be tasked with building a hybrid gun for the office. What's a geek to do? Write a new simulation, of course. Thus I present to you HGDT. It is (hopefully) an easy-to-use simulation package capable of designing simple combustion, advanced combustion, and hybrid spud guns. At the time of this writing it is still in beta; not all features have been completed and the accuracy is unknown.

All that said, bon apetite!

And now for a pathetic attempt at some legal mumbo jumbo....

HGDT is freeware and distribution of the unmodified program for educational and recreational purposes is unlimited. However, no warranty of any kind is stated or implied in any way shape or form. If usage HGDT creates any problems up to and including global thermonuclear war, that's your problem, not mine.

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